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NCR Corporation (2018)

At NCR my role was senior marketing and content strategist. Aside from the kind of production content development and management you'd expect in this kind of role, I was responsible for developing a content strategy framework for 2019, which included influencer marketing and audio content.
Much of the day-to-day was working with program and campaign managers to establish their goals, how content can support those and the way we can measure success, while guiding subject matter experts in the creation of original thought leadership pieces.

Industries: B2B, retail, restaurants, banking

Here's what my resume says:

NCR Corporation – Senior Marketing and Content Strategist | June 2018 to December 2018
        Creating content strategies to drive B2B lead generation and conversions for campaigns and programs among global audiences in the bankinghospitality and retail industries
        Carried out feasibility study for influencer and audio content strategies
        Interpreting product positioning documents and goals into creative briefs and content strategies, including individual content assets, mapping content ecosystems and defining success metrics
        Creating and mapping processes to increase quality and speed of content production
        Managing freelance producers, including creating at-a-glance voice and messaging guide
        Developing campaign messaging for brand and product marketing
        Redefined customer reference process to increase quality of case studies and testimonials
        Created video scripts, infographics, blogs, white papers, ebooks, datasheets, brochures, print ads, emails, case studies

LinkedIn Long Form Posts (All Day, Errr Day)

I love LinkedIn. I've really just scratched the surface of writing long form content there, but I can see it being something I do regularly. I'm passionate about user experience, psychology and neuromarketing, customer experience, and really anything that puts the customer first.

I believe 2017 will be the year we move toward customer intention measurement, not just asking "Did the customer engage with our brand," but going further with "Was the customer able to engage with our brand in the way they wanted, or did they settle for what was available?"

List Partners Inc., The List Online & Winmo 2016-2017

At List Partners Inc., I was content strategist for the marketing team, heading up sales enablement content for the various marketing channels we used.

Mostly that means I planned SEO content, developed the right content for each of our audiences, dug deep into Google Analytics to see what worked and what didn't.

I try to always place the customer at the center of their own journey, and make every piece of content something that's about them not an attempt to sell to them. That said, sales funnels being what they are, some content pieces have more salesly positioning than others.

What does my resume say about LPI? This:

List Partners, Inc. – Content Strategist | July 2016 to present
                Responsible for brand storytelling strategy using content, social media and SEO strategy to grow traffic, engage site visitors and contribute to B2B lead generation/demand generation for seven brands.
   Increased traffic to by 80% in 12 months.
   Creation of content calendars for all web properties and social media accounts.
   Collaborated with designers and developers for new site builds and roll-outs, highlighting user experience pain points.
   Wrote conversion rate optimized copy for landing pages.
   Nurture relationships with publishers, distributors and influencers.
   Developed data-driven buyer personas.
   Carried out SEO audits and keyword analysis of websites.
   Daily analysis and monthly reporting of Google Analytics and social insights to optimize content performance.
   Development of written and video content from ideation to distribution.

Atlanta Eats - 2012-2013

While I was consulting and freelancing, I worked with another start up, a food TV show based loosely on the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives format, but exclusively around Metro Atlanta.

My role here was to create content to support the TV segments, not strictly reviewing the restaurants, but certainly highlighting the good and interesting things to know, and where to eat.

The truth is that supporting the video segments was only a small part of my job, I live-tweeted the show every weekend, interviewed chefs and food-scene people, developed an editorial calendar for blog features and attended show shoots to share the process for our social media audience.

Atlanta Eats – Digital Content and Social Media Consultant | September 2012 to August 2013
   Organically grew social communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, from creation of each account to 8,500 fans and followers across all platforms, in 10 months.
   Responsible for creating digital brand voice for TV show on CBS-Atlanta (WGCL) and PeachtreeTV (WPCH).
   Worked with design and development teams to ensure site design delivered high quality customer experience.
   Developed social media strategy to drive increasing viewership numbers.
   Responsible for social listening and responded to a highly engaged audience.
   Increased open rates and CTR using A/B testing and direct response copywriting principles.
   Gained valuable on-set experience at shoots to deliver “behind the scenes” content to social platforms. 2009-2011 began life in 2008 as a B2B services reseller. If you were going to set up a business, the idea was that would be your one-stop shop for all the things you'd need, from legal incorporation filing to VoIP service and payment card processing.

I joined in 2009 to start adding some content to make it a better site for advising its members. Yes, it was a membership site, and that was part of its downfall. By 2011, and several expensive site overhauls later, the powers that be started cutting costs, including my content team.

Here are some of the useful, fun and informative things I wrote during my time there.

In 2013, the owners had set a new direction and needed some fast content and a process for generating even more -- inexpensively and at scale. I came back to consult with them on these projects.

What my resume says about – Content, Social Media and SEO Consultant | November 2012 to August 2013
                                Content and Digital Community Manager | November 2009 – July 2011               
   Managed team to generate original content to the website.
   Developed or wrote over 100 business articles, press releases, user guides, interviews and video tutorials.
   Created conversion optimized landing pages.
   Worked with design and development teams to improve UX/CX.
   Devised editorial calendar for channel partner newsletter and co-branded website.
   Lead consultant on SEO, Google Authorship and social media community building programs.