2009-2011 began life in 2008 as a B2B services reseller. If you were going to set up a business, the idea was that would be your one-stop shop for all the things you'd need, from legal incorporation filing to VoIP service and payment card processing.

I joined in 2009 to start adding some content to make it a better site for advising its members. Yes, it was a membership site, and that was part of its downfall. By 2011, and several expensive site overhauls later, the powers that be started cutting costs, including my content team.

Here are some of the useful, fun and informative things I wrote during my time there.

In 2013, the owners had set a new direction and needed some fast content and a process for generating even more -- inexpensively and at scale. I came back to consult with them on these projects.

What my resume says about – Content, Social Media and SEO Consultant | November 2012 to August 2013
                                Content and Digital Community Manager | November 2009 – July 2011               
   Managed team to generate original content to the website.
   Developed or wrote over 100 business articles, press releases, user guides, interviews and video tutorials.
   Created conversion optimized landing pages.
   Worked with design and development teams to improve UX/CX.
   Devised editorial calendar for channel partner newsletter and co-branded website.
   Lead consultant on SEO, Google Authorship and social media community building programs.