Linked In (2015-Present)

Why You're Not a Thought Leader (Yet)
If leading is the art of getting other people to willingly follow you, then leading thoughts are the key to that persuasion. Not every idea is a good one, or even an average one deserving of attention and resources. Thought leaders say “no” a lot. But they say “yes” more.

What If Your Website Sold Apple Pie?
Humans respond to stories, they respond to emotion -- so make them feel it. Tell the story of the experience or outcome the customer is looking for, right there on your product page, and watch how you can stir them into clicking your CTA buttons.

Twitter Automation Can Work for You If You're Not a Jerk About It
Does it really matter if you spent an hour finding the perfect post to share or a piece of software did it? As long as you’re engaging your community around it, getting counter-opinions and discussing those, too…why does it matter that a piece of software found the content for you?

Your Buyer Personas Don't Work Because You Don't Think About Them Early Enough
Understanding who your customers are, why they use your product and why they like it can help you develop messaging that speaks to those feelings, and lets your customers know you’re on their side. You’re not selling a product to them, you’re sharing your thoughts on how difficult their work is, and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Your Buyer Personas Are Stupid and Insulting (And a Bit Racist and Sexist, Too)
You want your personas to be archetypes but you settle for stereotypes. This is why naming your personas is an awful idea. When you name your personas, you invite everyone who reads them after you publish them to view the personas through the lens of their own cultural biases.